About Us

We are Frequency, a local Terre Haute Indiana area classic rock band. Frequency includes the talents of Phil Morgan – Drums and Vocals, Diana Aselage – Vocals and Bass, Scott Aselage – Lead Guitar and Vocals, Matthew Knerr – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Harmonica. When you have a Frequency show you have more than just a band… you have a party!

Frequency is built upon the idea that a band needs to do more than only play music. We believe that a band should encourage a good time, make people feel welcomed and comfortable so to join in the fun and get up on the dance floor where new friendships are made and a night out turns into a memorable experience; one that will bring them back to your venue again and again.

To reach our goal of being more than just an earful of music for four hours we are personable and exciting to watch from the stage, take song requests the best we can, and keep a clean and non-threatening presence. We work hard to put our years of experience as performers to your benefit. We like to take the stage and make it ours while we are at your venue. Frequency takes pride in looking like the professional musicians that we are.

Frequency brings a very quality sound system that can be scaled up or down as your venue requires. We believe that an enjoyable night out with a band does not include a visit to an ear doctor on Monday. We try our very best to keep a reasonable volume level so that waitresses can hear drink orders.

At a Frequency show, you will also see some very interesting instruments. Most of us are totally emerged into all that it means to be a guitar junky. The Frequency experience also includes some trick drum and guitar playing to make for a more exciting show for all to enjoy.

All of this along with four very seasoned musicians, one who even has a music degree, offers the very best musicianship. We strive to give the people the music that makes them feel good and want to dance. All members of Frequency have been in the business of performing, recording, writing, and living music for a lot of years. This collaboration of four musicians is something that many people consider to be their favorite band; but don’t take our word for it… Book Frequency today and see for yourself.